IAB UK & AA host Parliamentary dinner for Labour MPs

Posted on Wednesday 03 January 2024 | IAB UK

Protecting consumers, boosting the economy and upskilling business – Labour policy makers and the advertising industry talked policy priorities at a parliamentary dinner hosted by IAB UK and the AA

IAB UK and the Advertising Association (AA) hosted a group of senior Labour Party policymakers at a dinner at the Houses of Parliament on 6 December 2023. On the agenda were the party’s plans for digital advertising, the contribution our industry makes to the UK economy and consumers, and how we can work together to maintain a smart and effective regulatory regime. 

The dinner was Chaired by Sir Chris Bryant MP, Shadow Minister for The Creative Industries and Digital. Other Labour party attendees were Shadow Safeguarding Minister Alex Davies-Jones MP, The Rt Hon Margaret Beckett MP, Sir Stephen Timms MP, Dr Rupa Huq MP and Samantha Dixon MP. The IAB and AA were joined by representatives from our members Google, Yahoo, Global, Tesco, Snapchat, Adform, Channel 4. as well as the ASA.  


IAB Parliamentary dinner for Labour MPs


The breadth and depth of expertise among this group allowed for a very informed and constructive discussion on a wide range of topics including concerns about fraud and AI, how to support SMEs to make the most of digital growth opportunities, and how to strike the right balance when it comes to regulation. 

It was encouraging to hear that Labour views digital advertising as a key growth industry creating exciting employment opportunities for the current and future workforce. As such, they are committed to maintaining a positive dialogue with industry and engaging with the existing self-regulatory framework.  

It was also positive to hear that the Labour Party values the huge contribution that the ad-funded internet makes to saving consumers time and money and in providing free content. These benefits were quantified for the first time in The Digital Dividend – a report we conducted with Public First and released earlier in the year.  

There was recognition from all present that consumer protection against scams and fraud (the focus of the new Online Advertising Taskforce’s Action Plan) is of the utmost importance and that robust enforcement, coupled with ongoing dialogue between policymakers and industry would be essential to achieving this.  

A productive and collaborative dinner ended with a clear resolution to continue to work in partnership to protect consumers, grow the economy and maximise the opportunities that advertising generally, and digital advertising in particular, creates for SMEs throughout the UK.

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