How to submit to Digital Adspend 2023

Posted on Tuesday 02 January 2024

IAB UK/PwC’s Digital Adspend report is the official measure of the UK’s digital ad market. To contribute to the 2023 report, IAB UK members can submit spend data to PwC between 15 January - 16 February

What is Digital Adspend?

IAB UK’s annual Digital Adspend report is the official measure of the UK digital advertising market going back to 1997. Produced with PwC, the report provides detailed spend data including crucial insights on market trends, sector development and the impact of emerging channels. It is free for all IAB UK members to access as part of their membership. 

Why contribute to Digital Adspend?

The report comprises a mix of modelled and submitted data, but the more submissions we receive, the more reliable and valuable the results are for our members. By contributing to Digital Adspend 2023, you can help us gain accurate insight into advertisers’ total digital spend last year, as well as key areas of growth. 

Digital Adspend is conducted with PwC, who collate and analyse the data in line with strict confidentiality and security policies, to ensure company data is not identifiable - including to the IAB.

As an exclusive benefit to organisations that submit data, we now also offer our Adspend+ service, providing tailored insight into how your revenue breaks down and ranks within your sector. The IAB’s research team will present the results to you/your team, allowing you to ask further questions and gain added insight.

Who can submit?

Any business that buys or sells digital advertising can submit data to Digital Adspend. This includes: 

  • Media owners
  • Affiliates
  • Agencies
  • Intermediaries

We want to ensure that Adspend accurately depicts the full breadth of the digital market, so we’re keen to ensure emerging channels like gaming, CTV and digital retail media are well represented.

How do I get involved?

Companies are invited to complete a survey into the digital advertising media they have bought or sold in 2023, which will then be processed by PwC. To get involved, please email [email protected] with your company name and details for the relevant contact/s at your business and we will get back to you. The survey opens Monday 15 January and closes Friday 16 February 2024.

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