Google postpones third-party cookie phase out: Statement from our CEO Jon Mew

Posted on Wednesday 24 April 2024 | IAB UK

As Google announces a further delay to the deprecation of third-party cookies on Chrome, our CEO Jon Mew urges the industry to not lose momentum 

Jon Mew, CEO, IAB UK: "Following the news that Google’s phase out of third-party cookies is delayed, our message to the industry remains the same: prepare now. This is going to happen and it’s imperative that businesses are ready for what stands to be a significant shift for the digital ecosystem. The temptation will be to lose momentum but, with recent research from WARC showing that only half of marketers feel prepared for cookie deprecation, use this time wisely and ensure your business is proactively testing alternative strategies. By taking action to future-proof your approach now, you’ll be in a much better place tomorrow."

You can find a range of resources on the IAB’s site here. Please get in touch with [email protected] if you have any questions.

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