Google AdWords updates to benefit digital marketers

Google has announced several updates to its AdWords function, which will enable marketers to better target their ads.

Google has announced that it is rolling out several updates to its AdWords function as consumers now expect to be able to get search information from their smartphones straight away.

Research carried out by the search engine giant last year found that almost two-thirds (65 per cent) of smartphone users expect immediate search results when using their devices.

With this in mind, the new Google AdWords changes will allow brands to adapt their content to make sure it is more likely to be seen in a quick search.

For example, callouts and structured snippets will be made more readable, increasing the chance of consumers engaging with them, while a new 'Sitelinks' feature will enable users to click directly through ads to find out more useful information about a business, such as its opening hours.

In a blog post, Google explained: "Updates like expanded text ads have already helped to make mobile ads more useful and informative and we're continuing to build on those principles with extensions."

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