EasyJet app to launch 'Look and Book' extension

EasyJet's app is at the heart of its customer experience offering and will soon feature a function that allows users to book a flight directly from a picture of a destination.

EasyJet has announced it will be launching a new ‘Look and Book’ extension to its app, which will allow users to go directly to booking a flight from a picture of a destination.

The move, which is expected to go live in October, is a further development of the brand’s use of digital to improve customer experience and engagement.

By taking a screengrab of a beach, town or city and uploading it to the app, customers will be able to find out where it is through image recognition technology and seamlessly plan their holiday.

Lis Blair, chief marketing officer at EasyJet, told Marketing Week: “It’s all done through the power of the photo. You will be able to take a photograph from, say, Instagram and find that destination on our app and go straight on to booking.” Since launching its app in December 2011, EasyJet has developed it into a “crucial” part of the company that helps to build a relationship with the brand.

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