Developers create virtual reality headset '50 times sharper' than most VR tech

Posted on: Monday 26 March 2018

Scientists have developed a new virtual reality headset that they believe to be able to produce images that are 'as sharp as the human eye'.

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Developers have created what is believed to be the sharpest virtual reality (VR) headset to date, generating images 50 times clearer than those offered by most other similar products.

Varjo, a Finnish start-up, is the brains behind the innovation, with its founder and chief executive Urho Konttori explaining that the firm has mimicked the seeing process of human eyes to create the super-sharp images of the new headset.

This new extra-clear VR tech will provide very high-definition images of the objects a person's eyes are focusing on, with the images within their peripheral vision slightly less clear, thereby enhancing the sharpness of the others.

The developers believe this type of tech could be used in scenarios such as pilot training, as well as in building development.

Speaking to BBC News, Mr Konttori commented: "Fully functional cockpit simulators can cost around €10 million [£8.7 million] so there aren't many around, and access to them is limited. Using our system could bring the total cost of training to around €100,000."

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