CNN and Sharethough develop partnership

Sharethrough software will be used by CNN for ads.

CNN International Commercial and Sharethrough have partnered in order to "place dynamic native and branded content ad formats in prominent positions across CNN Digital platforms", Real-Time Daily reports.

The intention is to enable CNN to optimise the performance of its digital campaigns, while also improving audience experiences by providing branded content on CNN platforms.

Sharethrough's software has allowed the business to develop exclusive new ad formats and templates which focus on providing the highest-quality user experience.

In addition, the partnership will provide instant play native video, graphic text over video, infographics, long-form video, articles, and galleries to increase engagement across all digital platforms, specifically on mobile.

Dan Greenberg, CEO and co-founder of Sharethrough, told Real-Time Daily via email: "Ads that fit in with the audience experience are becoming the new normal on the modern Internet. CNN’s innovative use of the Sharethrough platform, partnered with its own brand content studio, will set a powerful example of what native can accomplish for publishers and brands." 

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