Best time for brands to post on Instagram revealed

Posted on: Wednesday 29 November 2017

Analysis has revealed that 2am and 5pm are the best times of day to post content on Instagram for maximum engagement.

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Brands that publish content on Instagram in the early hours of the morning or at teatime are most likely to see high levels of engagement with their posts, according to new research.

Latergramme has carried out an analysis of when the best times to post on the social network are, finding that posts published at 2am and 5pm typically attract the highest levels of engagement and interaction.

However, different posting times were found to be most effective on specific days of the week, with 5pm the best time for publishing Instagram content on a Sunday, while 7pm and 10pm were the best on a Monday.

On a Tuesday, either 3am or 10pm were the best for maximum engagement, while on a Wednesday it was 5pm, for Thursday it was 7am and 11pm, and on Fridays it was 1am and 8pm.

Meanwhile, on Saturdays, publishing Insta content at either midnight or 2am typically guaranteed brands the highest levels of engagement.

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