Amazon 'poised to launch messaging app'

Posted on: Sunday 16 July 2017

Amazon is reportedly getting ready to launch its own messaging app.

Digital retail giant Amazon is getting ready to launch its own messaging app, according to reports.

AFTVNews has published screenshots that show surveys have been sent out to some parties to find out what they would like to see from an Amazon messaging app, which looks to be marketed under the name 'Anytime by Amazon'.

It appears that the app would be free for customers to use and would enable them to send simple text-based messages as well as videos to others.

The app could therefore mark the next step in Amazon's experiments with artificial intelligence; its Amazon Echo voice-controlled smart assistant has already achieved success, and users of 'Anytime' may be able to communicate with other Echo owners via the new smartphone app and the brand's 'Alexa Calling' function.

As a result, this has the potential to further transform the way that technology enables consumers to purchase products. They can already buy items by asking Alexa to purchase them, but being able to message others regarding these decisions could lead to new digital shopping trends in the future.


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