All In Summit 2023: Our key take-outs

Posted on Friday 26 May 2023 | IAB UK

We share our insights from the All In Summit as voices from across the industry interpret and react to the results from the 2023 census - which was this year focused on understanding talent retention in the UK ad industry

The second annual All In Summit - hosted by the Advertising Association, ISBA and the IPA - was a space to present and reflect on the results from the 2023 All In census, which gained almost 19,000 responses. The event saw leaders from across the advertising industry share their perspectives on the results, and discuss how to ensure further positive change is achieved. Some of our key takeouts include:

  • Ensuring diversity in every room: Sufia Hussain, Inclusion, Equity and Diversity Director, EMEA, Wunderman Thompson, notes the positive impact of actions - such as leading with curiosity and being willing to learn - which are reflected in improved results from the census. But Hussain emphasises we must be conscious of retaining this progress, and to ensure diversity is in every room, including where decisions are being made
  • Retaining Black talent: Maria McDowell, Founder of Lollipop Mentoring, responded to the All In census findings that Black respondents are the most likely to leave the industry. McDowell notes that the feelings of people she mentors in the industry are reflected in the results, and that “Black people are taking their careers into their own hands because there is no trust”. She urged leaders to consider the effect of people leaving on the reputation of their business
  • Breaking down class barriers: Matt Bush, Managing Director of Agencies, Partners and Creative at Google, noted the extremely real barriers working class people can face when entering the industry, and how vital the working class perspective is in understanding culture, making it essential to businesses. He called out barriers like not being able to afford train fare, or a suit, as examples of where the industry can do more to ensure a more diverse range of candidates enter the industry
  • Addressing attitudes towards disability: Danny Josephs, Partner at MFUSE, commented on the census results showing that disabled people are more likely to find work stressful. Josephs outlined the barriers disabled people can frequently experience in the workplace, such as worrying about step-free access to bathroom facilities. The fact people still have to worry about these factors outlines the work needed to be done in fixing attitudes, as well as the investment needed. Josephs also noted the vital importance of always asking if any access requirements are needed, to normalise this consideration across all areas of business
  • Attracting future talent: Pete Markey, CMO at Boots, identified an industry-wide need to share more stories of people enjoying their roles in a broader range of jobs in marketing, so potential candidates don’t have a limited view of a role in advertising. Meanwhile, Ben Hunte, Global LGBTQ Correspondent at Vice News, said the industry must ensure young people are being reached across the country - particularly when communicating work experience positions - and that it’s essential to burst the London bubble to ensure diversity in the industry
  • Making sure pay adds up: To this end, Jake Dubbins, Co-Founder & Managing Director at Media Bounty, said that agencies need to pay the London living wage, with starting salaries and the reality of living in London not adding up. Sarah Jenkins, Managing Director at Saatchi & Saatchi, said that employers should be ‘forensic about salaries’ and really think about progression
  • Encouraging exploration at work: Kat Bozicevich, Managing Director of Manning Gottlieb OMD, emphasised the need to help people switch industries to realise their potential in advertising. Tammy Einav, CEO of adam&eveDDB, noted that shining a light on behaviour change work and purpose-led work in the industry would be an attractive factor to a career in advertising for younger generations. Dubbins said that Media Bounty add five volunteering days to people’s holiday so they can explore other interests

Find out more about the All In action plan and further resources here.

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