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This research piece by iion explores the evolving gaming audience landscape and the attention-centric advertising opportunities the industry presents for brands

Gaming has become a global phenomenon with 3.38 billion players, presenting diverse advertising opportunities across platforms and demographics.

Key themes include:

  • The global gaming market: With over 3 billion gamers worldwide, gaming has become mainstream entertainment across generations
  • Audience demographics: While younger generations like Gen Z and Millennials are highly engaged, gaming appeals to a broad age range. Gamers are highly attentive and in a decision-making state while playing, making them more responsive to content and ads in the gaming environment
  • Cross-platform engagement: Nearly 50% of gamers play across multiple platforms (mobile, console, PC), with tri-platform players being particularly valuable due to their high engagement and spending
  • Beyond play: Gaming engagement extends to viewing content, socialising, and participating in gaming communities
  • Spending habits: Younger players are more likely to spend on games, with in-game purchases and subscriptions being popular monetisation methods
  • Advertising opportunities: The gaming ecosystem offers diverse advertising channels, from in-game ads to partnerships with streamers and esports events
  • Brand discovery: Many gamers, especially younger ones, report discovering new brands through gaming experiences
  • Challenges and strategies: The guide outlines ways for brands to navigate the gaming economy, including leveraging streaming platforms, using data-driven personas, and collaborating with influencers

This ebook provides valuable insights for marketers and brands looking to tap into and capture the attention of this vast and engaged gaming audience across various platforms and demographics.

Enter the game: Download ebook

iion Ebook Game Audiences and Advertising Opportunities


By iion, Marketing


Founded in 2019, iion elevates game advertising through its unified platform.

It centralises game inventory for advertisers across all game environments and provides publishers access to brand budgets and diverse monetisation opportunities.

Operating globally with a diverse team of 50+ across 12 locations, iion is backed by leading venture capital firms, ARCHANGEL, and PixCapital.

iion works with premium brands (Lego, KFC, L’Oreal and many others) and collaborates with the big six media agencies and independent agencies. The gametech firm further enhances its reach and capabilities through its partnership with hundreds of game publishers (such as TapNation, Scopely, Miniclip, ABI and many more).

Guided by advisors Pieter Kooyman, CEO of Half Moon Studios and former Chief Advertising Officer at game publisher Miniclip SA, and co-CEO of Verve Group and Chief Product Officer of MGI, Ionut Ciobotaru, iion is set to expand and strengthen its global footprint.

iion is a gametech company dedicated to building the future of game advertising experiences and elevating game advertising as an essential media channel for brands.

Posted on: Wednesday 10 July 2024