Gaming Upfronts 2023

The Steel Yard, Allhallows Ln, London, EC4R 3UE

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Event Overview

How do you hit on a winning gaming strategy? There’s one place to find out. Gaming Upfronts returns to The Steel Yard on Tuesday 17 October to get you up-to-speed on the latest launches, insight and advice from some of the most important players in the sector. Join Activision Blizzard Media, Anzu, Global, Twitch and Venatus for an inside look at what gaming can offer your brand, how to accelerate your in-game effectiveness, and what’s coming down the track next. We guarantee that you’ll come away ready to play.

Sessions announced so far...

Five gaming trends that every marketer should know

Nicola Clarke, UK Account Director at Twitch, will take you on a journey through the five gaming trends every marketer should know. The session will arm you with a better understanding of what consumers are playing, how streaming is affecting game design, how A.I. is changing the game and more. This session is open and accessible for all audiences whether you're a new player or a gaming fanatic.

Nicola Clarke, UK Account Director, Gaming, Twitch Advertising

The Future of Immersive Advertising: How gaming fandom drives player experience

Nestled at the forefront of superior advertising experiences within gaming are those that…don’t even feel like ads at all – truly immersive experiences that strike the balance between relevance and reward for both audience and brands alike. Yet not all games are created equal, and to reach true player satisfaction, everything must have a purpose. This pursuit for purposeful advertising shines a spotlight on the power of premium game IP, the opportunities for brands within, and the role fandom plays in the halo effect of gaming for advertisers wanting to engage.

Join Activision Blizzard Media for a session focused on the future of immersive advertising, and how unrivaled player passion coupled with rich storytelling opportunities within premium game titles, creates an opportunity for brands to reach audiences in attention rich environments like never before.

Speakers announced so far...


Nicola Clarke

Account Director, Gaming, Twitch Advertising 

Nicola Clarke

Account Director, Gaming, Twitch Advertising 

A longtime Twitch fan with a love of gaming from childhood, Nicola was among Twitch Advertising's founding team in the UK. She is fascinated by the nuances within gaming’s community spaces and their social values beyond gameplay. She helps brands to understand and engage confidently with gaming communities on Twitch. 
Prior to Twitch, Nicola held account management roles at The Guardian, Havas and The Specialist Works. In her spare time, Nicola streams variety content on Twitch.

Our partners...

Activision Blizzard Media
Activision Blizzard Media
Katherine Ryan at Podcast Upfronts 2022

Our biggest Upfronts ever

Four weeks of events full of fresh thinking and mega-watt speakers from Amazon Ads, BBC Studios, Snap Inc. and YouTube. You’ll be among the first to hear about brand new ad products and launches from the people at the forefront of digital innovation. 

Alongside Podcast and Gaming Upfronts, this year we're also launching Connected TV and Retail Media Upfronts. Over 20 of the most exciting companies from these quickly-growing channels will let you get up close to the opportunities they offer advertisers and how to make the most of them.

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