How to support inclusion through flexible working

Supporting inclusion with more dynamic working arrangements that motivate and improve well-being

The nine to five, static and traditional employment contract is under threat due to people’s needs, technology and changing attitudes. Working arrangements need to become far more dynamic if employers are to attract and retain the best, most diverse talent and improve performance.


When to use this
To improve performance, motivation and well-being, to reduce sick leave and turnover of staff. By simply providing and supporting more dynamic and trusted working arrangements, the benefits will impact everyone. It will also increase the talent pool to those who do not wish to work standard hours in an office.


Things you can do

  • Offer flexible start or end times with agreed core hours where people need to be in the office – helps dispel the negativity that comes with absenteeism

  • Draft a work-from-home policy and encourage use

  • Adjust times events or socials are held, consider times which may be tricky for those with other responsibilities

  • Advertise jobs as flexible, part-time, job shares, and state hours of work and consider a broader reach for recruitment

  • Take into account differing working patterns – some work better later or after the gym – and how this can work with business needs

  • Have a clear and transparent approach to requesting flexible working


Watch outs

  • Not communicating the opportunity of flexible working to all, make sure it isn’t only directed to those with a more visible need

  • The importance of trust in flexible working arrangements – for the manager and the wider team

  • For carers offer the same flexibility to them as you would Mothers and Fathers

  • All employees are eligible to request flexible working after 26 weeks including part time, term time, compressed hours and job-sharing so be prepared

  • Empowering and training managers to make decisions on flexible working requests and making it work


Longer term ideas

  • Encourage people to share how they work and why it works for them and the business

  • Allow people to propose job shares with other workers if the plan is thought through

  • Ensure all systems and tech are set up and efficient for working different hours and from other locations

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