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Audio, CTV, Desktop web, Mobile app, Mobile web

Over the past three years, Covatic has been working closely with Comcast, Sky and Bauer Media to hone its privacy-first advertising solutions, bringing to market solutions for mobile app, browser, CTV and smart speakers. The product is called A-Type and a growing roster of clients includes some of the biggest names in advertising. 

A-Type enables clients to drive CPM with highly targeted campaigns, accurate standard audiences and compelling in-moment segments without the need for third-party cookies. The solution does not make use of an ID or require users to log in. It never tracks users across the internet and never exposes personal data.

A-Type is an on-device or ‘edge’ approach, which means personal data never leaves the device. It is designed to be GDPR, ATT and CCPA safe and is designed with the new US ADDPA legislation in mind. A-Type integrates with most ad managers, including Freewheel, Google and AdsWizz.

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