Cookieless Ad Server

Flashtalking by Mediaocean




Audience, Contextual


Audio, CTV, Desktop web, Mobile web

Cookies limit advertisers' ability to personalise their consumers' experiences and accurately measure campaign performance. Flashtalking by Mediaocean addresses these challenges with our cookieless ad server, which provides advertisers the flexibility to use a mix of authenticated, probabilistic, and cohort-based identity solutions for both measurement and personalisation. Our cookieless ad server empowers advertisers to select the optimal ID—or IDs—in order to gain comprehensive insights into reach, frequency, and conversions to accurately map a customer’s journey while championing consumer privacy.

Authenticated IDs

Integrations with partners whose identity methodologies are rooted in deterministic or identifiable data and are delivered in a privacy-compliant manner

Probabilistic IDs

Offering a mix of Flashtalking proprietary IDs (FTrack and Household) and partner integrations whose methodologies cluster browser and devices to a single ID using a variety of privacy-oriented data signals


Integrations with partners whose solutions group users into larger, interest-based segments using browser-specific behaviour in a privacy-oriented manner

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