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attentionPLAN media planning tool

Optimise your media planning with the world’s deepest and most accurate human attention data with Amplified Intelligence. attentionPLAN is a planning tool and API integrator for ad agencies, brands and publishers that can be used to effectively strategise ad placements and spends to suit both media mix and business objectives.
Analyse existing media plans and recommend new ones by creating scenarios that deliver different commercial outcomes against robust attention benchmarks, while boosting the efficiency of your media spend by optimising for both reach and attention.

attentionPROVE human attention measurement tag

Make informed decisions about your ad investments with a human attention measurement tag capable of giving you real-time attention metrics that can help maximise your ROI.
attentionPROVE is a human attention measurement tag that allows users to gain human attention insights in real-time from their campaigns.
Built upon a best-in-class enriched database consisting of both metadata and human attention data, attentionPROVE can be attached during media purchasing to track differing attention behaviours toward display and video ads across major web, social and streaming platforms. 
This tag technology can also be used to measure attention performance across most major ad environments such as desktop, mobile web, mobile app, CTV & BVOD.
Take charge of your media strategies by gaining detailed insights into the viewing behaviours of your audiences at an ad format, device and creative level.

attentionTRACE advertising data capture tool

The Amplified Intelligence proprietary attention collection app, attentionTRACE, is the market leading attention data capture tool that delivers real life insights from audiences and users across web, social, TV, cinema, audio and outdoor platforms.

Discover the true value of attention metrics specific to your brand, market and campaigns in natural, human live panel viewing environments to understand how people truly engage with your messages.

Contact: Nigel Ashton, SVP Commercial Relationships EMEA

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