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Playground XYZ is on a mission to help advertisers make attention actionable. Our Attention Intelligence Platform (AIP) is the world’s first technology stack built to maximise ‘Attention Time’ - a quality-based metric that measures how long, in seconds, an ad is actually looked at. Because Attention Time captures a consumer's interest in an ad, it’s a hugely powerful signal of ad relevance and resonance.

The Attention Intelligence Platform uses an AI (trained and verified by real eye-tracking panel data) to power a suite of groundbreaking products that unlock the power of attention measurement and real-time optimisation. Being plugged directly into the programmatic ecosystem means those products are ready and available for use right now.

AIP is the solution for brands looking to succeed in the attention economy and secure the best possible results for their ad spend.

Contact: Ben Dimond, Head of EMEA

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