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Between them, AR/VR, connected TV, gaming and shoppable advertising are providing advertisers with new and exciting ways to bring brands to life, resonate with consumers, and drive sales. IAB Compass is your essential manual to understanding the future of these four channels and how you can harness them most effectively. 

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Shoppable sales: the numbers


UK social commerce sales in 2021


UK social commerce sales by 2026


of ad industry participants are interested in exploring shoppable advertising in the next 1-2 years

The shoppable ad opportunity & what to do next

Shoppable ads offer wide reach and effective conversion by removing friction in the shopping process, as well as clear attribution when ad impressions are served and transactions take place on the same platform. The potential for amplification of sales on social media is also an important factor.

As the market develops, there are likely to be increasing opportunities for shoppable ads and content across social media, search and streaming TV, as well as in new media experiences e.g. AR, visual search, VR and virtual worlds. The latter, in particular, could enable engaging experiences that can support brand and performance goals.


What should advertisers & agencies do?

Advertisers new to shoppable advertising should engage with relevant platforms across social media and search, identify opportunities to complement existing advertising/ecommerce activity, and start running simple experiments.

Recommendations for advertisers & agencies

  • Explore shoppable advertising with relevant platforms
  • Experiment with shoppable creative
  • Manage your ‘shop’ on third-party platforms
  • Adapt measurement for shoppable ads & content
  • Track relevant trends and developments

To find out more about the recommendations please see page 22 of the full report, which contains more detail

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  1. Executive summary
  2. The evolution of ecommerce
  3. What are shoppable ads?
  4. Consumer interest in shoppable ads
  5. Advertiser uptake of shoppable advertising challenges to adoption
  6. Future developments in shoppable advertising shoppable ad trends and forecast
  7. The shoppable ad opportunity and what to do next

Download the full report to explore the following chapters on gaming, as well as what to expect in AR/VR, CTV and shoppable advertising

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