Understanding attention in digital advertising

Posted on: Friday 02 December 2022

We all know what attention means, but how is it used in the context of advertising? We’ve worked with our members to develop downloadable explainers on attention and the main methods to measure it

Attention gets talked about a lot in our industry, but there isn’t a universal understanding of what constitutes it and how to best measure it. In fact, when we surveyed advertisers earlier this year to find out the biggest challenges they face in the digital space, how to measure attention ranked highly.

To help tackle this, we’ve worked with IAB members that have significant knowledge of attention metrics to create two downloadable explainers of what attention is, why it’s useful, and how to quantify it.

The first document provides a digestible introduction to attention and how it drives results at different stages of the path to purchase. The second download is a definition matrix that gives a more in-depth look at the four main types of methods used to measure attention - from eye-tracking to salience models.

After more on attention? Listen to our podcast episode with dentsu, Havas Media and DoubleVerify


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