Coalition for Better Ads status

Posted on: Thursday 03 August 2017

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The Coalition for Better Ads is a collective of international trade associations and companies involved in online media formed to improve consumers’ online experiences. 

IAB UK is a member of the coalition in line with our IAB Believes philosophy that digital advertising funds the online content, products and services that we all enjoy.

Information correct as of July 2017.

The Coalition has conducted comprehensive research into online consumers’ attitudes towards an extensive range of online advertising experiences and ranked these in terms of preference.

The Initial Better Ads Standards have been released for Desktop and Mobile Web experiences as of March 2017, detailing the experiences that should no longer be produced by responsible brands, agencies or accepted by responsible publishers.

Four Desktop experiences have been identified as detrimental to online consumer browsing;

  • Pop-up Ads

  • Auto-playing Video Ads with Sound (Outstream)

  • Prestitial Ads with Countdown

  • Large Sticky Ads

Eight Mobile Web experiences have been identified as detrimental to online consumer browsing;

  • Pop-up Ads

  • Prestitial Ads

  • Ad Density Higher Than 30%

  • Flashing Animated Ads Auto-playing Video with Sound (Outstream)

  • Postitial Ads with Countdown

  • Full-screen Scrollover Ads

  • Large Sticky Ads

It is the recommendation from all members of the Coalition for Better Ads that these experiences be avoided to improve consumer browsing experiences. Additional testing will be conducted for environments such as Instream Video and Mobile In-App and this page will be updated accordingly when released.

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