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These FAQs have been developed by IAB UK members from different parts of the industry to help buyers understand more about the companies operating in digital advertising and where value is being added.

Content correct as of January 2019


The questions fall under three different categories


What is your business model and how do you make money?

OpenX is a programmatic advertising exchange. It charges advertising buyers for ads placed through its exchange and then pays its publisher partners, retaining a portion of the ad spend.

Can you outline the full details of the agreement on a booking form / contract?

Yes - every partner on our exchange operates under a contract that describes all material terms.

Will you share who your trading partners are?




Do you own the inventory you sell?


If you don’t own your own inventory then how do you access inventory and which platforms do you use?

We operate a proprietary exchange platform that connects sellers of inventory with potential buyers. We enter into agreements with sources of inventory and with the potential buyers. We work with many leading, high quality companies in our sector, including Google.

Do you specify your media placements and positions?

As an exchange, we make available to potential buyers the media placements and positions provided by our supply partners.

What insights do you provide back to advertisers?

As an exchange, we do not provide insights directly to advertisers. Typically the information we pass to DSPs is used to power the insights that are used by advertisers.

Does the inventory you own or access include UGC content?

All inventory is evaluated for compliance with our Supply Policy ( prior being made available on our exchange. Our Supply Policy prohibits unmoderated UGC and further restricts content that promotes violence or hate.

What brand safety measures do you use?

We invest significantly into our own proprietary tech and processes to vet inventory for brand safety and filter out IVT. We have completed the TAG Certified Against Fraud and TAG Inventory Quality Guidelines certification programs, as independently validated by BPA. Additionally we partner with leading 3rd party verification companies such as Integral Ad Science, MOAT, White Ops and Pixalate to maintain the highest standards. All inventory is evaluated for compliance with our Supply Policy ( prior being made available on our exchange. Our Supply Policy prohibits unmoderated UGC, hate speech, fake news, and other brand-safety issues.

Which industry standards have you been certified against?

OpenX has been a leader in quality efforts across the industry. We are a founding member of TAG, a member of its Leadership Council, and a TAG Trust Champion in 2019. We have completed the following certification programs (all with indepedent validation from BPA):

  • IAB UK Gold Standard

  • TAG Platinum Status

  • TAG Certified Against Fraud

  • TAG Certified Against Malware

  • TAG Certified Against Piracy

  • TAG Inventory Quality Guidelines


Do you have a policy in place for ad-misplacement?


Are you happy to share your optimisation tactics?

As an exchange, we do not offer campaign optimisation.



Under GDPR what legal basis are you providing your services under?

As a data processor, we rely on our publisher partners to obtain explicit consent from their users for the processing of personal data.

If consent is the mechanism then can you prove how you obtained it?

See above.

Are you using the IAB Framework?


What other 3rd party data partners require consent for your business to deliver its service?

We have a limited number of subprocessors including trust and verification vendors that require consent. Google also requires explicit consent for the processing of personal data by its vendors.

What do you do with data you obtain from advertiser’s campaigns or data tags?

Certain data received from DSPs is stored to enable user matching.

Are advertisers permitted to appoint their own 3rd party partners for verification and measurement?


Will you provide a link to your privacy and data policies?

Will you share how you build audience, contextual and targeting segments?

N/A (as a processor, we do not partner with data partners to build out segments that require consent)


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