Live broadcasts go to the top of Twitter users' timelines

Twitter is prioritising live broadcasts in the timelines of its mobile users, as it undergoes a redesign of its desktop platform.

Twitter is prioritising live broadcasts and putting them at the top of users’ timelines in a bid to boost views for real-time video on the platform.

When using the social media app on mobile, live streams from the accounts a user follows will appear above everything else.
The news was announced via a tweet, which stated: “We’re making it easier to find and watch live broadcasts.
“Catch breaking news, your favourite personalities and can’t-miss sports moments. Rolling out now on iOS and Android.”
While the feature will not be included on desktop versions of the site at present, tests have begun on a newly-redesigned version of Twitter for laptops and computers, meaning changes are likely to be afoot.

Any mobile user who does not wish to see the live broadcasts can hide them from their timeline using the dropdown menu to the side of their tweets.

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