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Posted on Tuesday 20 July 2021 | IAB UK

We'd love to hear from members about the work being done in the inclusion, diversity and equity space. If you're an IAB UK member, you can submit examples of standout internal initiatives or external campaigns that help drive greater inclusivity in the digital advertising industry.

The main aim is to inspire and help others so that together we build a better, more equitable industry that appeals to diverse talent. 


To submit, please provide the information outlined below:

  • Company name: Name of your company (if you would like the company name to remain anonymous when published, please state this)
  • Your name and email address: Will not be published on the site, just helps us to contact you with any questions
  • Can you give us an overview of what you did? (200 words max)
  • What did you set out to achieve? (150 words max)
  • Describe how the initiative or campaign works? (150 words max)
  • Can you tell us about the practical steps you took to set it up? (200 words max for this section, just answer the relevant questions below)
    • What was the first step you took to get it off the ground?
    • Who are the internal business partners you brought on board? Are there any external stakeholders you spoke to for advice?
    • What budget/resource did you need?
    • How do you keep it going?
  • What positive impact has this initiative or campaign had? (this may be facts, stats or verbatim – 150 words max) 
  • What did you learn that could help others? (150 words max) 
  • How will you make the benefit of this initiative or campaign endure?  (150 words max) 


Image requirements 

Please supply two relevant images to be published alongside your submission. The best images are photographs without text / minimal text. If you are providing photographs of people, remember that representation is important. If you are supplying a quote as part of your submission and naming the person, then please share a head shot of the individual. In terms of specification, images should be high res, ideally fitting these image dimensions: 720 x 720 for images inline as part of the content and 720 x 420 for teaser images appearing on the listings page. Any images sent must have cleared rights for use on our site.
You can also include links to any videos, useful documents or templates you used for the initiative.


Tagging your content

So that we can tag content to make it easier to find, please confirm the relevant tags, selecting all that apply. 

  • Business Area: Benefits, Communication, Culture, Education, Employment, External Campaign, Hiring, Wellness, Work life. 
  • Aspect of Inclusion, Diversity and Equity: Age, Class, Disability, Gender, Neurodiversity, Race & ethnicity, Religion, Sexuality, Socio-economic status or All aspects of IDE
  • Time scale: Quick & Easy, Medium-term, Long-term


How to submit

Please send your submission to [email protected]. By submitting content, you confirm that you have the agreement of all parties involved for the copy, details and images to be shared publicly.


Browse Showcase for Change case studies here.

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