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Posted on: Tuesday 23 July 2019 | IAB UK

IAB UK is looking to receive case studies from members that demonstrate the efficacy of digital advertising within the media mix. We welcome case studies from anyone in the online advertising supply chain – including advertisers and agencies – who have campaign examples of online advertising proving effective for driving brand building, awareness, sales, footfall, web traffic or consideration.

The IAB have built a searchable database of case studies that can be used to prove digital’s effectiveness and to demonstrate the case for increased and sustainable investment in online advertising. If you would like to add to this database, we ask that the case studies be provided in a particular format:

Format for case study submission: 

  • Brand: Name of the brand you will be submitting for? 

  • Sector: You may chose from: Automotive, B2B, Charity,  DTC,  Entertainment,  Finance,  FMCG,  Government,  Insurance, Restaurants,  Retail, Technology,  Telecoms, Travel, Other - please specify . 

  • Digital Budget: <£5000; £5000-£49,999; £50-£99,999; £100,000>; rather not say 

  • Primary Objective: Awareness, Sales, Footfall, Consideration, Web Traffic, Other - please specify

  • Formats Used: Audio, Display, Influencer, Search, Social Media, Video, Other - please specify 

  • Can you give us some background and an overview to your case study? (200 words max)

  • What was the role of digital within the media mix? (100 words max)

  • What results did you attain? What was the biggest achievement? (150 words max)

  • What’s the killer headline? (20 words max)

  • Please provide any graphs, campaign imagery or case study videos for inclusion


If you already have case studies ready to go in a different format, the IAB Team would be happy to work with you to match them to our format to ensure they work as part of the searchable database.

Please send case studies to [email protected]. By submitting a case study, you confirm that you have the agreement of all parties involved – including the advertiser – for the details within the case study to be shared publicly.

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