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It needs all of us
AnomolyDuring these uncertain times, creative agency Anomaly have created a powerful campaign to galvanise and unite us all. A rallying cry to be the change we want to see, the fully downloadable campaign includes a host of assets, logos, animations, posters, stickers and is open to all. It’s been created as a call to arms to turbo-charge behaviour change, while supporting existing official messaging. Download the assets to share here.



Slack Attack 
SlackIn an effort to bring the ad industry closer together now that everyone is further apart - JustPremium have launched the Inside Advertising Slack Community #IASC. This virtual community is growing into a place for professionals in the advertising, marketing and publishing field to connect with global peers and share daily insights, participate in weekly webinars, take part in challenges with each other and contribute to various discussions - a great platform to stay connected in disconnected times. Join via the link and invite your colleagues and contacts.



Morale booster 
TailifyMissing the office banter? How do you keep team spirit and have a few laughs while being so far away from one another? Well, the team over at Tailify have it covered. From twice-weekly workouts, meditation sessions on Thursdays, a pub quiz every Friday, as well as weird and wonderful challenges such as their Fridge challenge -  with prizes up for grabs, of course. 

Aside from boosting team morale, Tailify have also launched an Insights WhatsApp Chat: a daily broadcast with data from the latest global reports turned into actionable insights to help you react to changes in real time. Each broadcast has an example of how a brand is currently implementing the strategies well. Join the WhatsApp by texting +44 749 688 7767 with your name and company. 

Finally,  ‘Zoom In with Tailify’ webinars are running every other week. The last webinar focused on the ‘History of Advertising in a Recession’ to analyse what history can teach us about these uncertain times. Register for the next webinar here


The Power of Video
vdx‘We’re all in this together’ is something we are hearing a lot of during the COVID-19 pandemic. To help global communities cope with the spread of the virus and drive awareness, have launched a digital video ‘Public Service Announcement’ initiative. The campaign enables corporations, brands, publishers, marketers, and celebrities to work together to help combat the spread of the disease. Using the power of video ad formats, will deliver messages to millions with personalised and localised content and messaging. For example, the ad could provide the closest testing centre for COVID-19  or provide links to local resources from the NHS. Find out more here.


Let’s Get Quizzical
We’ll start with what we at IAB UK are doing. With plenty of Zooms zooming around throughout the week, we’re getting our thinking caps on every Friday for a pub quiz. We’ll be grabbing a glass of our favourite tipple and getting all kinds of competitive. 



Monitoring Markets

The past few weeks have most certainly been an adjustment for teams across the globe, our industry and the world as a whole. The team over at Index Exchange hope to act as a guidepost for the industry during this time with the introduction of ‘IX Marketplace Pulse’ - a weekly update where they share exchange data, insights from buyers and everything you need to know to get through the next few weeks. 

Read their latest blog post: ‘Everything in Its Right Place

In Index Exchange’s inaugural IX Open Access webinar (July 16), ‘’Unpacking the Programmatic Opportunity in Our New Normal’’ Andrew Casale, President and CEO of Index Exchange, and Jeff Green, CEO and Founder of The Trade Desk discussed the lessons they’ve learned throughout programmatic history and how they are helping clients make the most of every dollar spent. This free webinar will also educate you on what’s ahead for the industry, and perspectives on how we all have an opportunity to emerge stronger and more focused on the other side of this unique time.


In The Know
MIQEveryone has to adapt to these unusual times and it’s never been more important for the digital advertising industry to reshape the ways in which we curate content and expect consumers to consume it. Bringing together insights and trends in the UK and from across the globe, MiQ Digital shares latest need-to-knows in its weekly newsletter. From podcasts, blog posts, sector specific insights, solutions and the latest news, these handy bitesize newsletters are your round-up of what's going on in the industry. Sign up to the newsletter or take a look over the latest e-news below. 


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