Podcasts: who is listening?


7.6 million listen to podcasts in the UK each week, find out more about our latest RAJAR MIDAS data Spring 2019

Podcasts have proven to be particularly popular in recent years, but who is driving growth? As part of our Listening Britain Series drawing on latest RAJAR MIDAS data (Spring 2019), we’ve taken a closer look at who is listening, how much time people spend tuned in per week and how they are accessing podcasts.

Some key stats include:

  • 7.6 million listen to podcasts in the UK each week

  • Podcast listeners in the UK consume 7.3 hours of podcasts per week on average, equating to 56 million hours in total

  • ABC1 men aged between 35-54 form the largest demographic of podcast listeners

  • 72% of podcast listeners listen to the whole episode

  • 92% listen to podcasts alone, rather than socially

 To find out more about who is listening, download the full research here.


Found this interesting? Take a look at our Listening Britain Infographic.

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