IAB Europe: ‘Blockchain Demystified’ White Paper

Posted on: Thursday 11 April 2019 | IAB Europe

Our friends at IAB Europe, under the guidance of their Education & Training Committee, have produced this White Paper. Intended to educate all on the applications of Blockchain

Brussels, 10 April – IAB Europe yesterday published its ‘Blockchain Demystified’, a White Paper to shed light on a topic that, despite its potential to revolutionise the digital advertising industry, is still largely shrouded in mystery.

Tapping the expertise of industry leaders from a wide range of organisations, under the guidance of the IAB Europe Education & Training Committee, this white paper covers key elements to provide a better understating of the technology and its application in digital advertising. The IAB Europe members who contributed to the white paper are Adform, eBay, FreeWheel, and Blockgraph, IAB Italy (and its members, Ligatus Italia and MainAd), MetaX, Mindshare, GroupM, Publicis Media, and Rubicon Project.

The whitepaper features a range of use cases to show Blockchain’s application to the current advertising industry. These include IBM for Unilever’s pilot program that tracks the digital ad buying ecosystem via blockchain to enable increased efficiencies and a more trustworthy supply chain, and Comcast’s FreeWheel group’s industry initiative to connect data insights across the entire TV ecosystem.

The white paper discuses not only the basics of what blockchain is and how it can be applied in the digital industry, but also looks at common areas of confusion, such as the difference between cryptocurrencies and blockchain as a whole. It investigates the current limitations for blockchain and the hurdles it needs to overcome. The Blockchain Demystified white paper aims to provide a crystal ball looking into the future of the technology and its possible developments, applications and struggles that are still to come.

The above was originally published by our friends at IAB Europe

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