The IAB’s response to recent reports on brand safety and advertising

Posted on: Monday 13 February 2017

The IAB's CEO, Jon Mew, comments on the recent reports on brand safety and advertising.

“Ensuring ads don't appear alongside inappropriate or illegal content is one of the biggest issues we face in the rapidly evolving online ad industry and one of our highest priorities. The IAB has worked with the industry to drive action in this area through the Digital Trading Standards Group (DTSG) and JICWEBS, who've created an accreditation system for companies involved in serving online ads.

By auditing whether participant’s processes meet guidelines designed to reduce ad misplacement, individual companies can be awarded a seal for Brand Safety by JICWEBS.  Furthermore, we are working with the police and using the PIPCU Infringing Website List to reduce the risk of misplacement of advertising appearing on illegal sites that infringe copyright.  There are actions advertisers can take today to make sure their brand is safe, and we recommend that when buying media brands work with partners that offer choice and control, like the signatories of the DTSG do, to reduce the risk of their ad being seen alongside inappropriate content.”

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