IAB UK statement on the latest reports about brand safety

Posted on: Wednesday 22 March 2017

The IAB's CEO, Jon Mew responds to the latest industry reports about brand safety.

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The IAB firmly believes in keeping brands safe when advertising online.

Advertiser safety is a core element of the advertiser/media owner relationship and no one in the industry wants ads to end up on inappropriate content.

Since 2005, the IAB has been leading the mission to create a safe environment for brands in collaboration with other bodies, for example through IASH and JICWEBS with the formation of the DTSG.

Where brands place ads on user-generated content, they should use the tools available to give themselves full control of where their ads are placed, but we’re conscious that brands should not have to run this risk in the first place.

The industry is very much aware of the challenges and we're working to strengthen advertisers' control and safety online.

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