IAB UK in talks with ICO following ‘Adtech Update Report’

Posted on: Wednesday 03 July 2019

Over the next six months, IAB UK and IAB Europe will be actively engaging with the ICO to address issues raised in the report

IAB UK and IAB Europe have started conversations with the ICO to understand the concerns detailed in the ‘Adtech Update Report’. Part of this entails exploring how the Transparency and Consent Framework v2.0 can continue to develop, in order to support companies with GDPR and ePrivacy compliance.

As the only cross-industry initiative to support the transparency and consent requirements of GDPR in digital advertising, the TCF v2.0 is the digital advertising industry’s best means to ensure it is delivering what publishers and advertisers need in a compliant fashion. Doing so is crucial to ensure longer-term sustainability and build consumer trust.

The ICO’s report, released at the end of June, highlights some of the key challenges for the digital advertising ecosystem in complying with GDPR. While the industry is well-aware of these challenges, solving them is a complex and interconnected process, particularly given the dynamic nature of real time bidding. 

With the original TCF representing a significant re-engineering of the digital advertising industry, version two continues to evolve the framework and deliver further guidance to meet the industry’s needs – much of which addresses issues the ICO has also raised in its report.

Together, IAB UK and IAB Europe will continue to work with the ICO to build effective and workable solutions that seek to meet the interdependent requirements of publishers, advertisers and consumers.

Read IAB Europe’s response to the ‘Ad Tech Report’ here.

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