Turning Attention into Action

Posted on: Thursday 18 October 2018 | Jonny Protheroe, Head of Market Insight, Google UK

Think about the last video you watched on YouTube...Was it something that anyone would watch? Or something quite individual to you, your needs, your tastes, or your interests? Was it a video that you gave your full attention? Or something that you didn't pay much attention to at all?

If you are like me and most YouTube users, then it was likely a video that was personally relevant to you (a quick look into my own viewing history reveals mine was a nostalgic watch of a 1980s TV quiz show I watched as a kid), and something that you gave the majority of your attention - after all you had probably just chosen to watch it. 
In addition to being an environment in which viewers are highly attentive, YouTube is also a place where 95% of video ads are viewable and 95% are audible*, with a variety of ad formats and advanced targeting options available. 
What opportunities does this present for marketers, and where should one start? This guide to marketing effectively on YouTube contains a wealth of key tips and guidelines, as well as case studies and inspiration from brands that have conducted award-winning campaigns on the platform. Whatever your category, whoever your audience, and regardless of whether your objective is brand building or generating short-term response, this guide will get you started with marketing effectively on YouTube.

Download the YouTube Effectiveness Guide here. (Link to external site) 
*Google and DoubleClick advertising platforms data, Global, May 2017 & Google Internal Data, Global, August 2016 (when volume is at least 10% for YouTube ads).

Turning Attention into Action

Written by

Jonny Protheroe, Head of Market Insight, Google UK


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