Spotify launches audio ad creation tool for marketers

Posted on: Thursday 15 February 2018

Spotify has launched a self-serve ad creation function for UK marketers to create their own audio adverts to be played via the music-streaming service.

Spotify Ad Studio has been made available to marketers in the UK and Canada, having previously only been accessible by those in the US.

This innovative feature of the music-streaming platform allows marketers to create their own audio adverts to be played on the service, enabling them to reach a new audience.

Spotify Ad Studio incorporates streaming intelligence to target adverts to audiences based on not only their age and gender, but also their listening preferences. As a result, brands can target their messages to people at the specific times they think they will be able to capture their attention.

Kovic Productions explained that it would be embracing the new self-serve ad creation feature, saying: "Spotify Ad Studio lets us connect with listeners who are already engaged and plugged in.

"On other platforms, you spend a lot of time trying to find an audience of music fans - on Spotify, they're already listening."

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