MOJU is a natural performance drinks brand delivering accessible, active nutrition.

We bottle Mutha Nature's hardest-hitting and most nutrient-rich ingredients, in the form she designed them, in uncompromising doses.

Unapologetically strong in flavour, our cold-pressed juices and functional shots are designed to help you perform throughout your day - whether that be at home, in the office or pursuing your passions.

What we believe:

Mutha Nature's powerful and has attitude. There's nothing fragile or cuddly about her, so her products shouldn't be either. 


Our range:

All of our products naturally help you perform at your very best:


  1. High performing, functional juice shots that maintain, react and boost. RRP £1.95
  2. Cold pressed juices – this is juice re-engineered – a broad spectrum of plant nutrients in a refreshing form aka Mutha Nature’s multi-vitamin. RRP. £2.69

Looking to boost your skills?

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