Freestar was started in London in 2019. It’s a brand new, great tasting 0.0% alcohol free beer.

We started Freestar because we were sick of bad non-alcoholic beer. The taste left us wanting more and the brands were uninspiring. Nothing matched the positive reasons people were looking to alcohol free.

Gone are the days of having to drink alcohol in order to participate. It’s about choice. Choosing to drink when you want to and having a great alternative to alcohol when you don’t want to drink.

So to deliver that, we knew we had to create the best alcohol free beer available – and one you would also be proud to hold in your hand next to your mate drinking a Guinness.

Freestar lets you feel a part of the occasion and get more from their night. Now you don’t have to compromise on your experience, in the moment or the morning after. 

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