Bamford is a way of life.

We create beautiful women's clothing and bath & body products that are natural and artisan made. We are inspired by nature to make collections that are timeless and nurturing. We cherish the rare and exceptional from around the world.

Bamford celebrates the art of living; a collection made with a sense of responsibility. The clothes you wear, your accessories, the choices you make about practical and beautiful things to have around you, in your home and put on your skin - These are what matter. They form the heart of the Bamford identity.

 We are committed to making goods that are perfect to the last details, of intrinsic worth and enduring value. Whether it is the finest hand-loomed cashmere from Scotland, or fabric woven by hand in India, every item tells a story. Textures, so often sacrificed by industrial mechanisation, are left in their original form. We travel extensively to discover and develop new pieces, working with artisans around the world to form the true heart of the collection.

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