Villa Plus

We believe that villa holidays can give everyone the choice to do more and be more. Our customers are not one dimensional, nor should their holidays be. We offer holiday destinations with the independence to enjoy, without sacrificing reliability and security.

 All of our villas are handpicked to ensure they're up to our high standards and in the best locations within each destination. We also like to offer some variety, so if you're looking for a villa that's in the heart of the action or something more peaceful we have plenty of choice.

 We also have dedicated, friendly, bi-lingual, very experienced and knowledgeable in-resort teams. Our Villa Representatives are there to make sure everything is in order and to give you peace of mind, our staff are just a call away. We offer a service that other operators simply can't and we're very proud of this!

 Really, the clue is in the name. We offer ‘pluses’ on our holidays to ensure people are getting more.  When you add up all the ‘pluses’ you get when you book with us, you have what defines us. All this good stuff adds up to an amazing experience. At Villa Plus, we are always adding extra.

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