Kingfisher Plc

Kingfisher plc is an international home improvement company with nearly 1,300 stores in 10 countries across Europe, Russia and Turkey, supported by a team of 78,000 colleagues. We offer home improvement products and services to nearly six million customers who shop in our stores and through our digital channels every week. Our ambition is to become the leading home improvement company.

Our customers are everyone wanting to improve their home, as well as the experts and trade professionals who help them. We believe everyone should have a home they feel good about, so our purpose is to make home improvement accessible for everyone.

Kingfisher is the parent company for the following brands:

  • B&Q and Tradepoint
  • Screwfix – UK, France and Germany
  • Castorama – France, Poland, Russia
  • Brico Depot – France, Romania, Iberia
  • Koctas – Turkey

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