Iglu.com is made up of four specialist brands — IgluskiIglucruisePlanet Cruise and Iglu Lapland. We are the UK's largest independent agent of ski and cruise holidays.

Founded in 1998, Iglu pioneered the selling of specialist ski holidays on-line, delivering choice, value and expertise to it’s growing customer base. Iglu is incredibly proud of its 400 staff who are all experts in their roles and between them have skied, cruised and holidayed so broadly that they can offer a genuinely accurate and detailed level of service no matter where the customer is travelling.

Equally, we offer holidays from over 70% of the UK ski package market and work with every major cruise line, giving us a remarkable breadth of choice across our holiday offerings, which is unmatched online in each specialist ski an cruise market. And as we are fully independent and not financially connected to any cruise line or tour operator, Iglu are able to offer genuine unbiased advice to find and book the best holiday for their customers.

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