Yahoo thanks native for large chunk of recent revenue growth

Nigel Clarkson, Yahoo UK’s MD and Country Commercial Director, was host at their IAB UK Digital Upfronts event at the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) on London’s South Bank.

The impressive building and far-reaching city views provided a fitting backdrop for a morning of discussion focused on the endless possibilities for digital advertisers.

“Our studio and storytelling teams are really coming into their own,” Clarkson told the audience.

Emma Jowett, Client Sales Director, mentioned Yahoo’s recent 20% revenue growth – which she said was down in no small part to key partnerships with brands like Paramount, Netflix, Amazon and Emirates.

“2016 is the first year that all Yahoo display inventory is available to buy programmatically,” she added - pointing too, to a new home page launched only this morning, and which she said offered enhanced personalisation of content.

Up next were Nick Petche, Yahoo UK’s Editor-in-Chief; Lawrence Dallaglio, rugby star and Founder of BBH sport; and prolific blogger Alfie Deyes – who has amassed some 5.5m followers with his video blog alone.

They warned of the need for authenticity in the context of branded communications.

“I turn down 98% of branding opportunities because they don’t fit,” Deyes revealed. “I’ve got to love the product and want my audience to want to use the product … or it’s not good for the brand, nor for me.”

And Jeff Bonforte, SVP Product and Engineering, spoke of a world of ‘data disruption’ in which advertisers really need to sit up and take note.

“You should all be incredibly uncomfortable,” he joked, before outlining how the digital advertising business needs to move on from “imagined concepts of the fabled customer”.

“We can be more authentic and timely,” he said, pointing in particular to additional sensors within a range of new devices.

“The future is [both] far more privacy and far more data access,” he predicted. “I welcome you to the data age and I hope you survive it – many of you won’t!”

Finally, Dora Michail, Senior Director, Programmatic Solutions, Yahoo EMEA, reiterated the success the business has seen with native in a short space of time.

“Over 40% of our revenues in the UK come from native,” she revealed. “We’re incredibly happy with the success we’ve seen.”

On that note, she invited the audience to talk to Yahoo in order learn more about the myriad of ways in which brands can deliver content which leverages both data and technology.

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