WWF gets its own app to boost conservation awareness

Posted on: Thursday 29 November 2018

WWF Selfies contains frames and stickers that help to promote the awareness of the organisation's conservation work.

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The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has created its own social media app, with the aim of raising awareness of conservation issues.

WWF Selfies has been developed in partnership with Jet8 Foundation and includes exclusive frames and stickers that users can add to their profiles.

In return, users will be awarded with in-app currency called Jets to reflect their social influence, helping to boost authority.

Sid Das, director of digital engagement at WWF, said: “For WWF, decentralised technology presents a new platform to connect, communicate, and advocate for the pressing environmental challenges facing our world today.”

Among the messages being promoted via WWF Selfies is the necessity to cut down on plastic use in the modern age, with frames and stickers reminding users of the alternatives.

The app will soon be available to download via the Google Play and iOS app stores.

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