Voice-enabled AI market set for 2017 boom

The market for voice-controlled speakers is set to increase almost 130 per cent this year, with Amazon leading the way.

Voice-enabled artificial intelligence gadgets are set to soar in popularity throughout the rest of 2017, with the market increasing in value as a result.

The most well-known voice-activated speaker assistant is arguably the Amazon Echo, which is expected to account for 70.6 per cent of the market this year, according to the predictions from eMarketer.

It is anticipated that Google Home will make up much of the remaining market, attracting 23.8 per cent of customers looking for voice-enabled gadgets, while brands including LG, Lenovo, Mattel and Harmon Kardon are likely to account for the remainder.

Altogether, eMarketer predicts that 35.6 million US consumers will use a voice-enabled gadget at least once a month over the course of 2017, marking an increase of 128.9 per cent when compared to last year's user base.

Martin Uteras, vice-president of forecasting at eMarketer, explained: "Consumers are becoming increasingly comfortable with the technology, which is driving engagement.

"As prices decrease and functionality increases, consumers are finding more reasons to adopt these devices."

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