Twitter rolls out sponsored Moments

Twitter has introduced a new sponsored Moments feature, designed to better connect brands with their target audiences.

Sponsored Moments are being rolled out across Twitter, giving brands the chance to connect with their target audience more directly.

The new feature will allow brands to take part in in-stream sponsorships, whereby they will attach their name to Twitter content published by premium partners. As a result, they'll be able to reach a much wider audience, but one that captures their target market.

Brands will also be able to promote their sponsored Moments to their own followers, extending the reach of their content partner's current base, thereby creating a new collaborative social opportunity.

The first brand to take advantage of the new feature was Bloomberg, which sponsored content relating to the World Economic Forum in Davos, with the Bank of America also joining in the sponsored conversation.

Meredith Verdone, chief marketing officer at the Bank of America, explained: "Sponsored Moments gives us a great new way to seamlessly join that conversation as it is happening.

"Working with Bloomberg and Twitter helps us bring high-quality, relevant content to an engaged global audience."

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