Transparency and trust in programmatic boosted by the launch of OpenRTB 3.0

Posted on: Monday 17 December 2018

IAB Tech Lab have finalised the specifications for OpenRTB 3.0, which is now ready for industry adoption.

In OpenRTB 3.0, and unlike previous versions, the specifications of the transaction have been split out from the specifications of the ad unit. This new layered approach is referred to as ‘OpenMedia’ and will allow for more dynamic and efficient updates as the industry develops.

Transactional specifications are detailed under OpenRTB 3.0 and should be used in conjunction with the ad unit specifications in AdCOM 1.0.

Specifications for the much anticipated ads.cert is still in beta, if you are interested in participating in the working group or being part of the ads.cert testing group please email [email protected]

More guidance on implementation of RTB 3.0 will be available in Q1 2019, so keep an eye-out on our events section for webinars and learning sessions.

Read more on the Tech Lab blog HERE and view the finalised specifications available HERE.

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