Software can help to produce emotional content

New software helps advertisers to tailor content based on its emotional intent.

One of the biggest hurdles for advertisers is to measure consumers' emotions towards certain content in order to encourage them to act. As such, technology is now being relied upon much more heavily to sharpen their understanding of people's emotions when interacting with a brand.

Content analysis software platforms are already being used by the likes of Three, Cancer Research UK and Havas.

The software works by scoring content for emotional intent and then offering recommendations to optimise it. This allows brands to understand the link between the emotions shown in their communications to actions, such as click through rates or email responses.

Algorithms have been devised to identify over 20 emotions expressed within content, so that feelings such as love, hate and surprise can be compared and contrasted to other work.

As content marketing continues to grow, personalisation and optimisation of this content is now the focus for advertisers.

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