Snapchatters more likely to shop via their phones

People who use Snapchat are more likely to make purchases from their smartphones, highlighting potential marketing opportunities for brands.

Snapchat users are 300 per cent more likely to make purchases via their smartphones than those who don't use the social app, new research has revealed.

Criteo carried out a study assessing Snapchatters' smartphone shopping habits, which led to the discovery that 33 per cent of the app's users are happy to spend £100 in one go via their smartphones. This places them 74 per cent more likely than those not on Snapchat to spend money via their mobiles.

Some 12 per cent of millennials (18 to 34-year-olds) said they would even book a holiday from their smartphone, and eight per cent revealed they would prefer to buy a car in this way than from an actual showroom or garage, demonstrating just how comfortable this demographic is with in-phone shopping.

All of this therefore suggests that brands who can effectively target their audience via Snapchat may be better able to encourage them to make a purchase through the app, highlighting potential marketing opportunities.

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