Sainsbury's rolls out ad filmed on Snapchat Spectacles

Sainsbury's has become the first UK brand to shoot an ad using Snapchat Spectacles.

Supermarket Sainsbury's is the first brand in the UK to launch an advert that has been entirely shot on Snapchat Spectacles.

Sainsbury's teamed up with creative agency Gravity Road for the ad, which was filmed using the innovative camera technology from a first person point of view by someone enjoying a hot plate of food.

The intention of the ad - which comprises part of the supermarket's Living Well campaign - is to immerse the viewer in the experience in a similar way to virtual reality, but by only focusing on the sense of sight.

By making the audience feel part of the experience, the ad creators hope to make them want to recreate it for themselves, buying products from the supermarket with which to do so.

Mark Eaves, executive creative director of the campaign and founding partner of Gravity Road, commented: "There's something visceral about Spectacles video, which works perfectly with the experience of food - a first person experience of Living Well."

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