Q1 2023: Update from CMA & Google on Privacy Sandbox

Posted on: Friday 28 April 2023 | IAB UK

The Competition & Markets Authority (CMA) has shared Google’s latest quarterly report, updating on its compliance with binding commitments made in relation to Privacy Sandbox

Google’s report provides a progress update of the Privacy Sandbox proposals, timing expectations, Google’s interactions with the CMA and third parties, including on the testing of proposals. It also sets out the approach Google has taken to address any concerns raised by the CMA or other third parties.

The CMA states that it has also received a report from ING Bank, the Monitoring Trustee responsible for assessing Google’s compliance with provisions in the commitments which relates to Google’s use of data, non-discrimination and (with respect to those provisions), anti-circumvention.

In addition, the CMA has published its latest update report on the implementation of Google’s commitments, which aims to explain the progress made to date and highlight areas of focus where potential concerns have been raised - including through feedback from wider industry - as well as details on how they have been addressed.

The CMA, in close cooperation with the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office, continues to have an active role in monitoring Google’s development and implementation of its Privacy Sandbox proposals. 

It states: “We, as well as the Monitoring Trustee, would welcome continued engagement and in particular further input and feedback from interested third parties – both specifically about your experiences of engaging with Google on testing and trialling of proposals, as well as the extent to which you feel that Google has taken account of views and suggestions as part of its development process.”

You can reach the case team on [email protected], and the Monitoring Trustee by emailing: ING Trustee Services ([email protected]); Matthew Hancox ([email protected]); and David Verroken ([email protected]).

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