Nokia launches VR campaign for new digital health products

Nokia has launched a new immersive virtual reality campaign to showcase its new line of digital health products, demonstrating what it believes will be the future of retail.

Nokia has launched an immersive advertising campaign that incorporates virtual reality (VR) to showcase its new range of digital health products.
The 'Healthier Together' campaign allows consumers to use VR to immerse themselves in a scenario with a family who are using Nokia's new connected health products - such as smartwatches and blood pressure monitors - so they can see how they would fit into their own lives.
Nokia believes that this demonstrates the future of e-commerce and retail, while showcasing that the brand has more to offer than phones - something many consumers may not be aware of.
The tech brand has used its own OZO+ camera and software to create the VR experience, with help from Brandwidth.
Rob Le Bras-Brown, chief marketing officer of Nokia Technologies, commented: "I'm especially proud of this new campaign, because it exemplifies the breadth of innovation at Nokia today, using award-winning OZO VR technology to showcase our exciting new health products."

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