M&S adds checkout-free payments to its app

Posted on: Wednesday 03 October 2018

Shoppers in selected M&S stores can now skip the queues at the checkout and pay for their items through the app.

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Marks and Spencer (M&S) has now enabled checkout-free payments in a number of its smaller shops via the retailer’s app. The Mobile, Pay, Go feature allows customers to scan products with their smartphone as they make their way around the store and then pay for them with Apple Pay or a card saved to their account.

Sacha Berendji, retail, operations and property director at M&S, said: “Digitally enabled stores that offer a seamless customer experience are a crucial part of our transformation and our ambition to be a digital first retailer.”

The thinking behind the move is to speed up the shopping process for busy customers and free up staff to offer service in other areas around the shop.

After being adopted in a small number of stores, there are plans to increase the rollout to another four in the coming weeks.

Customer feedback will then be sought before it is added to larger M&S branches in 2019.


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