Mobile can boost television ads

Posted on: Monday 10 October 2016

Purchase intent is improved by using mobile target after viewing television adverts.

With more people than ever viewing television adverts on mobile devices, businesses are now using mobile targeting to boost purchase intent following this.

According to research conducted by InMobi, Unilever and Mindshare, syncing mobile targeting with creative television ads is an effective approach to boosting post-awareness metrics. This was established following an experiment using the brand Ponds, which aimed to back up the theory that multiscreen campaigns would prove more successful.

The results showed that while television ads continue to have the most reach and create the most awareness, adding mobile to a campaign adds a new experiential element that boosts a customer's intent to purchase.

According to Eka Sugiarto, media director for Indonesia and SEAA at Unilever: "TV is still the medium to drive strong and efficient reach. TV and mobile, however, provides an opportunity to deliver both reach and effectiveness."


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